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Re: field trips and getting pulled from my art classes...

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Mon, 27 Dec 1999 09:14:32 -0500

Re: Lack of subs

What are the requirements to be a sub, AND more importantly has your local
newspaper written on article on the lack of subs? If, to be a sub you only
need x amount of credits from college, perhaps, if the community at large
(not just the parents) were aware that there were a sub shortage there may
be qualified individuals out there. Additionally, is there a local college
that you might be able to 'draw' from? We, too have a sub shortage, but not
from lack of available subs, but from the board's reluctance to 'hire' subs.
Since we are a seasoned staff (young teachers are circling our pond), we
'spot' each other out of professional courtesy and friendship. Subbing and
spotting seam to be rampant around the holidays.....although our
administration is not to 'keen' on field trips, we WROTE field trips into
our curriculum when we were writing our curriculums many moons ago, and
well, the Boards hands are tied when it comes to field trips! We go, they
grouse, and all is as is should be!
Public schools can never reach the "ideal" which would mean art field trips
to museums, to sculpture gardens, to artists' studios, so what I try to do
is make sure that in a 4 year high school experience, a student can at least
have 3 experiences that may be different. (Someone on the list asked about
Saturday field trips---I take individual students on weekends, on holidays,
and even 6 students to Europe---but NEVER more than that--to field trips--we
are 30 minutes from New York City)

I have also found that not every teacher is keen on letting students leave
the school (I teach high school) for one of my field trips as well...I mean
the world as we know it would cease to exist if the kid doesn't get their
physics for the day,,,you know? So, field trips will always be a problem for
me...but you learn to circumvent, smile, and go on.

Which reminds me...the more things change the more they remain the
same...and so it goes for 2,000 as well I am sure.

San D

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> Hi, thanks for the concern, talking to the administration would do no
> All specialists are getting pulled equally, about once every two weeks or
> This is perfectly legal, do to the fact that a lack of substitutes is
> creating an emergency situation. Some principals are even teaching classes
> upon occasion. They have also recently been dividing up classes where
> is no coverage, and putting a few kids in each classroom with aniother
> As long as they don't go over the maximum numbers, they can do that in an
> emergency also.
> The union is trying to do something about it but the problem is statewide
> Pennsylvania. I am our region's PAEA rep so if it was against contract,
> can be I would file a grievance. Our union is very strong.
> With any luck, there will be more teachers certified in the Spring that
> be able to substitute. Right now the I.U. is training people, kinda of a
> crash course in subbing, I don't agree with it , but if it alleviates the
> problem for a while I'll be happy.
> I can't see the field trip problem changing, any time soon, I will try to
> approach the board with some of your suggestions, you never know !!! I
> this list !!!!! Christine :)
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