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Re:Kistler Books

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Sun, 26 Dec 1999 21:46:17 EST

In response to the use of Kistler's books to teach 6th, 7th, 8th

Well, gee, I can't say for sure if your students will like to use them or
not. I used them as one of many tools to teach my students how to draw...We
used other methods, too. There are many interpretations on how to draw, how
to teach drawing--just as there are many styles of learning for students. Is
there only one way to teach? Is there only one way in which to learn
something? I think not.
I prefer to think of my role as a teacher who needs to be aware of many
methods to teach and assess the way in which some students learn. Hopefully,
I can come up with a way in which to connect with a student..if they can't
learn a concept one way, maybe another will work. Consider how a panel of
artists (you pick the artists) would approach the same subject matter for a
painting, and you'd get a variety of interpretations.
For that reason, when we used the Kistler books, my students knew that
this was only ONE way of many in which we would be learning how to draw
something. If it encouraged one student who would otherwise be reluctant to
draw anything on their own, or if even ONE student began to doodle on their
papers while talking on the telephone, when previously, they would not, then
I consider that to be worth the time taken to show the videos. When even a
small door is opened, I like to take the opportunity to get in. The
important thing is to get them looking and drawing, right?
And to learn how other artists draw, right? And to even see that this guy
who dressed up as "Captain Mark", could swing a pretty mean black marker, and
even if he "messed up", you didn't know it, because he was flexible enough to
transform it into something else..No erasers allowed, BTW.

I don't have the Kistler videos at my new school--I plan to order them
when we get $$, and I truly hope my replacement at my old school is using
what I left there. I'd dust off those old videos and plan a few lessons
around them...See what happens, perhaps pre and post test if you're into

Keep us posted on what happens if you do.
All the best,

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