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Re: Favorite lesson plans (was 2 points, please)

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Andrea Dunmire (artshui)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 12:56:19 EST

On Saturday, Dec 18, DHJones wrote:

I would like for everyone to post their
>favorite lesson plan!

I will be starting one of my favorite lessons with 4th grade, when we return
after the holidays.
We use the Artworks series here in the elementary schools.. We teach the
concepts but adapt the lessons to fit our goals and teaching styles.
The lesson is on emphasis and the artists who will be introduced are Rufino
Tamayo (Women Reaching for the Moon) and Paul Cezanne (Mont Sainte-Victoire,
Seen from the Bibemus Quarry).
As per the Artworks method, the lives of the artists are discussed with the
class. Their life-spans are tracked on the timeline I have up around the
room and scientific, artistic, and political world events that occurred
during those times, and which lare listed here, are mentioned/discussed.
Then, I use Microsoft Virtual Globe to show the class the countries in which
they were born.
Next we look at Tamayo's piece, which I project onto a screen, and use a
descriptive process. Then it is analyzed to discuss those features that
pertain to emphasis. If you are not familiar with this piece- it is
wonderful for this lesson. Much learning occurs at this point. Students
describe and locate methods of emphasis used by the artist that they are
already familiar with- the use of size, color, texture, shape, and position.
They learn about hidden lines and how these lead the eye. The excitement
builds as students are called up to the projection screen to trace the path
of the hidden lines on their way to the center of interest.
This process is then repeated with Cezanne's work.
Next, both works are projected up together and we compare and contrast them,
finally arriving at one that they like the most, giving reasons.

The next step is to go on to their work. They will be told that they will
be doing a work showing all of the means of emphasis that we have discussed.
Subject is up to them, but it should be something that they are familiar
with. As it is right after the holidays, many will choose to show their
family room on Christmas day. The size of the works will be determined for
them. They will be expected to make the image fit the size, use all methods
of emphasis, and to effectively execute the medium of tempera.
This will probably take 6-8 working periods to do the student work. At each
step, I will demonstrate proper use of the media and materials. There will
be a rubric posted on the front board for the class to check themselves
against as they progress, and we will culminate with a class critique in
which all works are hung on the front board and are assessed using the
rubric. Finally, the classes will complete what I call a "Reflection
Paper". This is a quiz dealing with all of the points of the lesson. I
grade it, return it to the student to make corrections, if necessary, and
then it is sent home for parents to sign and returned to me. This way,
parents know what is being learned in my room.
Those chosen to be hung in our end of year show, are displayed with the
reflection paper attached to the bottom front of the mat, allowing
interested persons to understand the thrust of the lesson.
I have done this lesson many times, as the results are always so exciting. I
have done it using many different media- this class has not had much
exposure to tempera and that was the basis for my choice this time.
This lesson seems to open their eyes to looking at other works of art in a
different way. For ever after, whenever any of them sees another work of
art, they will discuss the methods of emphasis used, trace the hidden lines,
and decide on the effectiveness of those methods.
This is what makes me do what I do.

Hope this wasn't too long.
Have a great Holiday, all, and send out more of your favorites.

Andrea in Pa.
- to contact me directly use artshui

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