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Re: Winter Solstice - Yule

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Tom Johnsen (koordt)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 07:37:40 -0700

Sharon Heneborn wrote:
> Isn't Wednesday named for Woden Norse god of the wind? Woden's day,
> Thor's day, and Freja's day
> Speaking of the Druids. I understand that they sacrificed babies at
> this time of the year and hung them on branches of evergreen trees.

Well, that is barbaric! Are you positive? It would seem to me that any
sacrifice noted for a particular time of year practiced by a certain
community would exactly match their birthrate eventually, which in the
Druid community's case hasn't been. Sir Winston Churchill himself
belongs to the Druids, which continue to meet and have permission by the
government to do so, at Stonehenge. Perhaps they weren't their own
babies, though. Maybe they went like Vikings over the fields, gathering
them in their arms, little ones, little ten pounders. Once they solved
the physics and engineering, the little blighters looked like fluff. And
that may have been the reason they left of killing the babies and
hoisting their small carcasses up the Christmas tree. It would seem odd
not to have the real thing there and so the practice might have died
slowly, but by the time Old Frazer wrote his big old dusty book, it had
no doubt been gone quite a while--no, come to think about it I rather
doubt those old druid knew how solve those critical physical problems
consequent to hanging babies on the tree. It was too far back for the
discovery of sophomore science. Imagine the barbaric joy, the nasty Noel
were this really supportable, though.

I do hope I haven't offended anyone in any way by suggesting that Druids
didn't stick babies in trees, though I'm sure they must have at least
put a little ribbon on them. It sounded a little like a Pre-war National
Geographic anthropology going here and I couldn't help but respond, and,
well, it got away from me. For this I sincerely apologize. I send this
in the hope that we don't suddenly have a rebellion of druids on our hands.

tom in potter

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