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Re: Harry Wong and classroom management

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Christine Colera (cmcolera)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 06:49:38 -0800

The Harry Wong book is execellent - for all age groups and is easy to read and logical. Not everyone will agree with everything he has to say- but alot of it can work. I just finished my first semester of student teaching and many of the suggestions in the book was very helpful in making the class run smoothly and setting the tone of the classroom. I haven't used everything yet, partly because I don't have my own classroom, but the sponge activities and the front board exercises, first thing in the morning worked great, giving me time to do roll, teaching the kids about who you are sets the comfort level and organization is half the battle. Set the rules and follow them, but also get to know your kids, learn about their lives and what goes on in them so that you can be simpathetic- I am studing to teach art, but I use a sketchbook in which they write, propose and do creative exercises, as well as drawing assignments for homework. Many of the exercises are created in order for me to find out what kind of student I am dealing with. Here for all you art teachers is a small list of sponge activities I use with the students to warm up their brains.
Sponge Activities

You are a traveler through time. You are able to explore the future or the past. Travel into time and draw the scene you first see when your time machine stops.

List 10 animals. Pick 6 of these animals and use 6 of their characteristics to create a creature of your own design.

If you were going to a masked ball and you could find a costume to match your wildest dreams, how would it look? Draw a picture of it.

Draw a picture of an inanimate object and make it dance.

If you found a Genie in a bottle, list your first three wishes and draw a self-portrait that illustrates how these wishes change you.

Illustrate a scene from your favorite fairytale.

You are a sand castle designer, create an illustration of your grand prize winning castle.

Draw a self-portrait that shows you in your futuristic career.

If you were to be reborn as another creature, what would that creature be?

Recreate your favorite song into visual images. Name your song and its most popular singer.

If you could go anywhere, real or imaginary where would it be, name it and draw a picture of it.

Draw a picture of something you noticed for the first time today.

If you could be a flower, what would it be? Draw a picture of it.

If you could be a toy, what would it be? Draw a picture of it and the child who loves you.

You are an inventor, what invention would you create to make the world a better place. Draw a picture of what it looks like and how it works.

You are an explorer and you have found a new life form. Draw a picture of this discovery. Name your new life form.

Draw a picture of a scene from your most favorite dream.

If you could be a monster, what would you look like?

If you could effect every person in the world with only a picture, what picture would you draw?

Draw a picture of your favorite doodle.

Draw a picture of what you would like to give to your parents.

Draw a picture of what you would like to give to the person you most respect.

Draw a self-portrait using only numbers.

Design a new paper currency or coin.

If you created a robot to do your chores, what would your robot look like and be able to do. Show how the robot accomplishes these tasks.

This is just a start, and most of them are just creative exercises, but they can also be changed slightly to be more effective.

I hope this helps
Tina Colera
in San Diego


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