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Re: interview know how

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Dianna (dmammone)
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 13:41:15 -0500

Could you please send me the most commonly asked interview question, as
Thanks in advance,
DiannaBanana @dmammone

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> > I have an interview for a high school ceramics teacher, full time,
> >starting in January. I am well qualified...But, I still have to
> and will be up against a few other qualified people I'm sure. I have
> interviewed twice so far and find it a horrendous process. I hate being
> to spit out facts and information on command...Help! what do you think I
> absolutely have to be able to articulate? Any wisdom from you all would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks , Becky > <gartley>
> Attention Becky, Judy and Heather; I mentioned earlier I had a list of
> things I recently had to include into an essay to be sent out to
> principals. This was for student teachers needing to be placed into a
> I found the list and here it is.
> Special attention should be given to grammar. Need it to be 500 words or 2
> 1/2 pages. Include place of birth, family experiences of significance
> (include info. about your parents), church affiliation, name and
> of spouse, names and ages of children, hobbies, awards and honors
> travel experiences, employment history, colleges attended, experiences
> working with children, future aspirations (including graduate studies),
> you are interested in teaching and extra curricular activities that you
> capable of supervising. Try to make it a warm and informative essay
> revels the "REAL YOU" and remember to check it over for errors. I think
> employers are not allowed to ASK YOU many of these things, but this way
> are volunteering the info. they are already curious about. We also had to
> include a resume with photograph (not a glamor shot) like a head &
> senior picture. I also have a list of the MOST COMMONLY ASKED INTERVIEW
> QUESTIONS. I got this from my professional communications class. I can
> that if you want. Also check your nonverbal cues such as eye contact,
> posture and gestures. Be open but not glittery, smile and nod when
> appropriate (if you agree). Your voice modulation should vary in pitch,
> and volume. Don't have a monotone voice. Try to be fluent. Non-fluences
> hesitation, stuttering, word repetition, sentence fragments, and filled
> pauses, soft voice and inadequate volume.
> By the way (many years ago) I won a competition in highschool at a
> Distributive Education Convention. I got a trophy for job interviewing. I
> learned how to be interviewed because I was in a few beauty pageants (my
> friend was big into pageants). Main thing is to relax and be yourself,
> it does help to be prepared. (I was into girlscouts too!) Good luck.
> Janice
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