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Re: NTE-Praxis Art Ed Test

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Sat, 18 Dec 1999 11:06:07 EST

In a message dated 12/17/99 4:52:21 PM Central Standard Time,
wstorz writes:
<< ...test for art education and "pass" for certification. My problem is that
my coursework is somewhat distant in time and memory, and I thus feel "rusty"
as to current art ed theory/processes. Praxis does not offer any preparatory
materials for this test. Can anyone suggest or offer materials of any kind
that would help
me prepare successfully for this test? Perhaps someone who has graduated
recently and taken this test...Bill

I can help you. I have a Praxis Series "Tests at a Glance" booklet. I
can send it to you snail mail if you want. Let me tell you my experience
with the Praxis II (Art Education) test. When I changed my major from General
Art to Art Ed. I was told I had to take a Praxis Test. Long story short, I
was SUPPOSED to take the Praxis I right away (reading, writing & math tests)
and LATER (during student teaching or at the very least my senior year) I was
to take the Praxis II. The reason was so I would have all of my art classes
and education classes under my belt. WELL, what happened was I went to the
secretary on the right instead of the secretary on the left (ed. bldg.) AND
(fast forward) I ended up taking the Praxis II WAY BEFORE I was supposed to.
I DID NOT HAVE all of my art classes such as printmaking. ceramics,
aesthetics, only 1 art history, art for children, and only 1 education class.
I should have failed this test, but I passed it!!!! I heard there were a lot
of printmaking questions and there were a lot of those. I did not have the
booklet to study or anything. A Prof. gave me a list of key points I would
need to know for Printmaking and my Art Appreciation memory and 1 Art History
class helped. A lot was common sense guessing because that is all I knew. I
did the same for the Education questions.
The content of the questions are:
10% Art Elements, Principles of Design, Analysis/Interpretation of Art works
(they have pictures) 15 questions
16% Themes, Styles, Artworks, Artists, Theories of Art 24 questions
16% The Influences that exists between World Art & Culture 24 questions
15% Materials, Tools, Procedures 21 questions
15% Techniques and Procedures 23 questions
10% Effects Produced by Materials, Tools, Techniques and Processes 15
questions (this was where the printmaking & ceramics kicked in)
18% Professional Teaching Skills, Practices, Theories, and Organizations 28
Let me know if I can help you anymore. You should do fine. Good Luck.

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