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re: tracing...MY OPINION (which means it's not wrong it's just different :)

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Fri, 17 Dec 1999 07:27:22 EST

I teach grades 1-5 and I see the lack of self esteem as a really big problem.
I believe that tracing in my class would only add to the problem. They are
required to produce their own work. I teach them easy ways to break things
down into basic shapes so that they can be successful in their own creations.
Tracing to create the perfect image IN MY OPINION, shows the students that
their own crooked mis-proportioned, absolutely fabulous drawings have no real
merit !!!!!! You're not going to stop them from tracing at home, but they
sure know what I value in my classroom.
What they do as creative growing learning, mistake making, eraser using , but
not allowed to give up, individuals has to be praised constantly and loudly
This is why I will never put up a cookie cutter display of 32 little perfect
identical things.
The children are individuals and so is their art work. BUT I will also never
put down a classroom teacher that does the aforementioned display, I feel
that there is a way that we can all coexist. But my place as their ART
TEACHER is to teach them to draw and to value their own creativity. Part of
the charm of child art is the quirky individuality, after all didn't Picasso
return to researching the art of children and native peoples as inspiration.
(I don't think he traced them either !!! LOL )
We must accept and acknowledge the opinions of others, otherwise the world
would all be doing the same thing and it would be BORING. But if it'd
something that you truly believe in all you can do is try to educate others ,
but not force your views down their throats !!!!!! STATE YOUR OPINION, BUT DO
NOT INSULT OR BERATE OTHERS PLEASE !! I tell my kids that there are enough
mean and rude people in the world and that we don't have to turn into one
also !!
Happy holidays, or not (being very PC ) Christine :)

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