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Re: Sight or sound?

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Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 18:33:12 -0600

As a visually impaired art person, I'll write from personal experience.
While I've had glasses since I was a toddler, I always got a correction
until age 17. Sure, it's no fun having to deal with resulting obstacles and
challenges (such as not being able to drive, using magnifiers, getting eye
fatigue, not being able to see those details that I so prized), but you
learn to take what you have and adapt. From my autofocus camera,for example,
I can scan in photos to Photoshop, where I can blow them up as much as I
want until I can see the details. When at inservices or presentations, I am
sure to sit up in front and by others who are interested in seeing/hearing
what the speaker has to say.
As with other people with disabilities, I desire to be independent. My
experience has enabled me to be more understanding and empathetic to some of
my students with disabilities - which are many.
> From: "Anna N." <art4all>
> An interesting question that I have discussed with friends on occasion. I
> am now working in a school that has an excellent and rare deaf program.
> Students are fully mainstreamed and have sign laguage aids with them.  I
> enjoy watching the aids translate, its really quite eloquent and
> well as effective.  I would dreadfully miss reading, looking
> at different handwriting and fonts that give character to literature.  I
> would miss creating art, and experienceing art.  I think I could see music
> better than I could hear a sunset. also, Im a visual learner.  If i see it,
> i remember it, if I hear it...well, Ill just say that i bring a pad of
> paper and pen with me everywhere.  Though Im sure if I lost my sight, i
> would become a better auditory learner, i now enjoy the methods i have
> spent many years learning (how to learn).  I too am grateful everyday that
> I have my eyes and ears are fairing pretty well.  As an artist with many
> other physical ailments, I have learned to take pride in creative
> solutions, exploratory methods, and lots of patience.  The kids I work with
> are quite inspiring as well.
> Good question.

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