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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 18:43:36 -0500

just for clarification, i who started the "christmas faves" am not a
christian, either - the aforementioned snowglobes, fake white trees, and
glitter nail polish i see as more my icons of what to me has become a
secular seasonal celebration of giving...being a non-christian myself, i
certainly meant no offense or disrespect to others. similarly, though, i
don't feel "left out" in enjoying christmas, channukah, kwanzaa, or any
other celebrations. its more fun for me to include myself in as much
celebration as possible.

i do think it is an interesting and valid point you brought up, though, and
one i spend a lot of time thinking about as a teacher. it's always a tough
call for me - forgo celebrating any holiday for fear of offending someone,
celebrate them all (is this possible? anyone out there have a calendar of
important taoist dates?) and come off as reducing the complex historical and
sociological traditions of cultures to token celebrations? or what?

and where do puzzle piece reindeer come in? although i too claim to take
the high road and refuse to make stuff like that in class, i like nothing
better than when one of my students makes and gives me a soda can angel, or
whatever...since i teach middle school, i am thinking of incorporating all
this into a lesson! to me it seems like there are some very thought
provoking aesthetic questions here! cool! this list is sooooo the never
ending idea source!

one last and more personal bit - being "different" in a lot of ways myself
(hey - i'm an art teacher!) i have often been involved in situations where
other people weren't aware that what they were doing or saying was
"excluding" me. i always try to assume the best, be positive, and let my
voice be heard in an upbeat way, not angrily or resentfully. it seems like
i have much better luck being accepted this way than when i come across as

o<]] :) wendy (in a santa hat...or not?)

> I wasn't going to respond to this thread, and didn't for a long time, but
> since it's continuing I would like to respectfully point out that not all
> us on artsednet are Christian. I have no problem with people asking about
> Christmas things, but I would really liked to have felt included, as a
Jew, on
> this listserve. We're all so quick to be sensitve to things like not
> desecrating Hopi dolls, and honoring the beliefs of other cultures. Well,
> this is not a homogenous culture either. I'd appreciate the same
> Thanks for letting me vent.
> Carla

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