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Re: What Do YOU Do???

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R.E.William Loring (bcloring)
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:59:04 -0800

I use the last day or two before the end of the quarter or the break for
portfolio conferences...the kids hav e storage space in my room, and I list
all the things I want to see in their folders on the board the week before
the end of the allotted time period. Then i sit at one of the tables and
the kids come up and show me their work...we talk about it..they tell me
what assignment is the personal best and what one they don't like...I geive
them some awarm and cool input and they leave the stuff with me...I also
gade their sketch books in front of them...the intimacy is a postive
usualyy, and they are almost always honest about why they do or do not hav e
an assignment done...also, before the end of the class I alwys tell them to
put everything in their folders, because "process counts". I have been in
my school for 5-6 years, and they know they need to do the work, or I have a
list of jobs...scuzzy sinks, under sink areas, scraping table gum...and I
walk up really nicely and say, " what do you need to get to work? can I
help?' first time....The next time I say really really nice..."I am so glad
you are done with your assignment....I need you want to clean the
sijnk, or clean thata table?" I do not use sarcasm, I act happyu and excited
to have ghelp...they usually look and me and smile and say...I still have
somethning to do on my assignment...I swear that really works...try not to
color your queries...act concerned and happy...they probably think I am
dumber than dirt, but everybody in my class works almost all the time....
:) Candace
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From: MzVogo <MzVogo>
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Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 5:30 PM
Subject: What Do YOU Do???

>As I sit here scoring writing portfolios (yes, it is still winter vacation
>here....) I am faced with the agonizing question that is plaguing several
>us this year....
>I have recently switched from elementary to secondary and am astounded by
>number of kids who (1) don't give a rip (2) dare you to make them learn
>something (3) have parents who apparently do not care that thier kid is
>flunking everything and/or (4) are totally unmotivated by anything (sports,
>band trips, activity nights).
>What kids of school policies do you have in you buildings to deal with this
>issue? Most of our kids have a study hall (not that they use it,
>and many of these kids sit passively in class and do nada. I have even
>them work (sort of) on something in class, then toss it in the trash on the
>way out the door rather than turn it in for credit. Detention does not
>to work - the either show up and do nothing or don't show up and hope you
>suspend them so they can stay home.
>PLEASE let me know how you are handling this. We need all the ideas we can
>Kim in Oregon (who got 25 of 63 portfolios - this is 7 weeks of work!!!)