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Re: art supplies for the school

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Wed, 30 Dec 1998 09:40:47 -0600

> Victor, Michelle, Carolyn and all,

Ditto on Michelle and Carolyn's advice. It can work out having teachers borrow
stuff and actually be a positive thing. The teachers that come in for things
get to see what's going on in the art dept., we get to discuss creative ideas
for their art needs,and you get to keep in touch with many of the teachers.
Like Carolyn I have a separate supply of older art supplies put aside and
labeled Teacher's Supplies. There is also a sign- out sheet to keep track of
who has what ( for example there is only one bucket of old scissors).
It was also an understanding that extra money was in the budget for teacher
supplies, but I do not think the teachers have any idea of how expensive art
supplies can be ( paper sure isn't getting cheaper!)
My one problem when I first came to my school was teachers coming in anytime
they wanted supplies. Not good! So I put out a notice at the beginning of each
school year telling teachers when they can come for supplies. Since I've been
doing that for the past 5 years, everyone seems to get the point and it works
very well.
Carolyn mentioned that teachers seem to plan their activities "spur of the
moment" and I have to laugh. She is so right. It seems that the things we get
on kids about are the same things teachers often do. Did you ever notice how
many teachers talk when a speaker is talking at an inservice? Oh boy, could
this be another thread?
MaryB (freezing in Wis.)

> So....I began to collect "old scissors, old rulers, short colored pencils,
> old markers, old paint, old brushes, etc." and I keep these on a shelf that
> I can get to easy enough when "they come a'borrowing" has really
> helped me solve the problem of lending without making them angry. If they
> want something
> that I don't want to lend, I just tell them I don't have any.
> Also, I discussed the problem with my principal and now, a small amount of
> paint is ordered for the supply room...and they order loads of colored
> construction paper, poster board, glue, rulers, scissors...for the teachers
> to use.
> The problem with that is that they have to give the secretary a day's notice
> before getting the supplies...and the teachers never seem to plan their "art
> activities" in advance...seems like they are "spur of the moment" activities
> and they come rushing to me needing something.
> But keeping the older supplies handy has basically solved my problems....
> Carolyn
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