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Re: art supplies for the school

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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 09:43:52 -0500

>I give the other teachers easy access to
>construction paper, paint, (short) colored pencils, (old) scissors, and
>almost anything else they need. Fewer things disappear because they
>know they can get what they need any time, and they don't have to store
>them in their rooms. And I do have secure places for the things I
>really need just for art class.

Victor (and Michelle)...
This is what I do also. When I first came to my school, I would find
teachers in my room going through my supplies and taking them without
permission. Also, they would borrow things (paintbrushes, etc.) and not
return them.

Our shop teacher told me he had had the same problems with teachers not
returning items...his solution was to make the teacher let him hold their
drivers license until they returned the items...but I did not go this far to
solve the problem in my classroom.

I realized that there were times when I needed to use things from the other
teachers, because at first I had no hole punchers, compasses, and other
things that I needed more of than what I had in my classroom. (However,
each year I've tried to add items that I use more of so that I don't have to
borrow too much from them.)

So....I began to collect "old scissors, old rulers, short colored pencils,
old markers, old paint, old brushes, etc." and I keep these on a shelf that
I can get to easy enough when "they come a'borrowing" has really
helped me solve the problem of lending without making them angry. If they
want something
that I don't want to lend, I just tell them I don't have any.

Also, I discussed the problem with my principal and now, a small amount of
paint is ordered for the supply room...and they order loads of colored
construction paper, poster board, glue, rulers, scissors...for the teachers
to use.

The problem with that is that they have to give the secretary a day's notice
before getting the supplies...and the teachers never seem to plan their "art
activities" in advance...seems like they are "spur of the moment" activities
and they come rushing to me needing something.

But keeping the older supplies handy has basically solved my problems....
Carolyn Roberts
E. B. Frink Middle School
Kinston, NC
"Art Room" -
Frink -