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Re: Clay compounds

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 06:16:11 -0500

I really like Sharon's "clay compounds" idea! I have done what I call
"visual puns" with 4th - 6th grades for several years. It's similar to
the previously mentioned problem of illustrating a compound word except
that I expand it to include commonly used phrases such as "six feet
under", "driving me up a wall" or "pen pals". Some of the classroom
teachers have picked up on this assignment and asked me to coordinate it
with their presentation of related language arts curriculum.

As far as the problem of kids coming up with inappropriate ideas
(cockroach, et al), I always have them think of 6 "appropriate" ideas,
do thumbnails of three, and then choose one of those for the project. I,
too, have a list and examples to start them out and provide them with
dictionaries for their brainstorming session. I've had to establish the
"commonly used" criterion in order to eliminate the use of proper names
of bands, sports teams. With those roadblocks out of the way, they can
come up with some very clever ideas and love the assignment. I'm looking
forward now to having them do it in clay!

Linda in (cold, bleak, and snowless southern) Michigan

Sharon Hause wrote:
> I do a very similar project with my 6th graders only I call them "clay
> compounds" since we oviously create them in clay. I started the list on
> paper and printed them out and had them brainstorm on the bottom of the
> paper. That way I could edit them and compile them to the list. It was
> a good lesson since you have to review slab, coil, score and slip,
> hollow ware, etc, depending on with compound word they chose. Mine
> did't have to be an animal, so I also got ideas such as bedbug,
> bookworm, egghead, etc.
> >From: Savannah97
> >Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 03:07:30 EST
> >To: viccapone,,
> >
> >Subject: Re: Classroom funnies
> >
> >I was doing a "literal animal" project with my 6th grade boys class.
> The
> >assignment was to illustrate a fantasy creature using the literal
> meaning of
> >the word. For example "ladybut" could look like a woman with 6 legs,
> wings,
> >etc. or "bullfrog" could look like a frog with a bulls tail and horns.
> We
> >started to brainstorm and list possibilities on the board. They came
> up with
> >great ideas ( angelfish, horsefly, swordfish, ) and then they hit
> me with
> >some whoppers....spermwhale, mountain boobie, cockroach, pussycat.
> That's 6th
> >grade boys!!!
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