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R.E.William Loring (bcloring)
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 17:15:53 -0800

In the early seventies I was teaching an advanced composition
know how you get to teach a lot of things with a k-12 certificate? Anyway,
it was a huge group of college bound (sort of) seniors and most of them
would "smke their lunch" I had an
awful time staying with the curriculum and had a contact high half the time.
We were supposed to be reading Joyce Carol Oates "Upon The Sweeping Flood" I
knew those wasted rangers weren"t up to it, so one rainy day they filed in
and I decided to
read the story to them. I read it in my most theatrical style...the
students were mesmerised. The mostly male audience st spellbound as I read.
The bell rang and they filed out. I sat there and congratulated myself on a
fabulous "teaching" moment.
One of the few girls came back in the room and I thought she was moved by
the story. She said,"uh, YOur blouse is unbuttoned to your waist" remember
those slinky silky blouses? Of course I was wearing my nasty push em up and
salute bra...
I left an indelible impression on some of those impressionable little minds.
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><< they were startled, zipped up their pants, and got back to work.
> After class the school nurse and I talked to them about appropriate
> By the way these were first grade boys.
> Sheldon >>
>My first year teaching, a first grade boy asked if he could go to the
>bathroom. I had been told NOT to let them go (our bathroom is downstairs
>my art room, and just too far away) unless it was an "emergency." I said
>just wait a few more minutes." Near the end of class, when another boy
>again, only this time clutching his privates, I quickly allowed it. Not
>realizing just how much those little imps are watching everything, I was
>suddenly encircled by 14 little boys clutching and squeezing their little
>pees groaning that they really had to go! Of course, the principal walked
>JUST then, wondering just whatI had done to them! Jeez...can you tell I am
>mother of three girls?