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Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:00:31 EST

I have already related the Penthouse/Playboy story from my first year
teaching. But this one is amusing also. This too is from my first year, 1969.
There are so many in between that I find it difficult to remember them all.
Here goes.
I was employed to teach in a school "across the river." That was equivalent to
"on the wrong side of the tracks." I was vaguely aware of the reputation of
the area. I was vaguely aware of a lot of things in those days. Anyway. I had
gathered several of those small milk cartons used in school lunch rooms. My
intent was to cut the tops off and use them to dispense and store tempera. I
was in my "trade school" (kids who went to trade school half the day) class
when I decided to prepare the cartons. I realized that I did not have anything
that would cut the cartons. Being fresh out of school and having led a
sheltered life, I innocently asked if anyone had a knife. I was looking down
at the cartons when I said this. I heard this strange clicking sound. I looked
up to see several switch blades being flicked open. My mouth was still hanging
way down when one young man sauntered up to the table and threw his brass
knuckles down saying, "Here, teach, use these on him." I finally got my wits
about me and explained that I only wanted to cut some milk cartons. While they
were somewhat disappointed that there was not going to be a rumble, they set
about cutting the milk cartons for me. then we discussed the legality of
having such weapons at school or anywhere for that matter. They assured me
they would not bring them to school anymore. Yeah, right! I made sure that I
bought a utility knife. Of course these guys became my favorite group.