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what binds us...truly "binds" us....

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 19:06:37 -0800 (PST)

> glue gun ...They get so happy when I walk away from it and allow
>them this freedom. I still have some who feel the need to touch that metal tip
>just to see HOW hot it really is! I have never sent anyone to the nurse for
>glue gun injuries. Is my luck just holding out? Anyone else allow this?

Uh, oh. I thought EVERYONE did this...touch the tip to see how hot it is. I
do this all the time...and I touch the iron to see if it's hot too. I've
never had to send a student to the nurse either but "I" was sent to the
hospital emergency room 3 yrs. ago. Was hot gluing feathers onto a
student's weaving project and the feathers were blown by the fan onto my
right hand after just being glued by my left hand. Oh the pain! I was
hoppin' up and down, yellin', and runnin' to the sink for cold water. Talk
about being tarred and feathered. Bandaged for 2 weeks.

Two yrs. ago I also visited the emergency room after cutting off a small
side of my finger with a utility knife. This time I wore a bandage for 3
weeks. I haven't been back to visit the emergency room nurses (who now know
me on a first-name basis) for a couple of years...knock on wood...but this
just goes to show you any vastly experienced (read "old") art teacher can
be a numbskull if she just puts her mind to it. Takes no special skill.

Also...speaking on the subject of glues. I was in Amsterdam art the other
evening and discovered, next to the rubber cement I was buying, a glue
YES...A Stikflat Glue...for all purposes. Has anyone any experience with
this stuff and what do you use it for? It's a new one on me.


Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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