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what binds us...

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Mon, 21 Dec 1998 21:13:13 EST

What binds us?
A few of my experiences...
For my sixth grade mosaics last year, the Elmers (or regular school glue) was
not holding fast enough for my taste. They had done such beautiful work, on
various shaped wood bases that I was afraid these projects would not make it
home without missing pieces. I used LIQUID NAILS (ME, not them!) to fill in
between all their beautiful work. (nail polish remover is a great thinner for
any goofs with this material) Then, when this was set, I used plaster of
paris mixed very thin to fill the cracks level with the tiles, then wiped with
a wet sponge until the tiles were clean again.

I have found that my cordless hot glue gun is a favorite tool with the fourth,
fifth and sixth graders. I don't think many of them are allowed to use tools
at home, or elsewhere. They get so happy when I walk away from it and allow
them this freedom. I always start out with the "Hot Glue Warning" and threats
of different degree burns, gross them out with the description of how the glue
doesn't hurt at first, but as the burn depth of the epidermal layers increase,
the pain begins! I still have some who feel the need to touch that metal tip
just to see HOW hot it really is! I have never sent anyone to the nurse for
glue gun injuries. Is my luck just holding out? Anyone else allow this?

These are just a few of my experiences. And now, a "binding" question! I
just found this huge 60 oz. plastic tub of glue in a closet at school. It is
kind of rubbery but not hard. (If I shake the jug, it wobbles inside, as one
piece.) It is glue, but the label is gone, and I was wondering if it is
usable for anything. What can I thin it with? Any ideas? I am going to try
water tonight. Will see what happens. Will inform with any developments in
this glue mystery.