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Re: High school HELP!

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Pat Duncan (pdmun)
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 13:36:48 -0800

First you must get used to being lied to every minute.
Isn't that sad? You are in pubertyland. It is not always
pleasant. At least you aren't taking them to the bathroom.
Otherwise, I find them a real joy. Get them on your side
and they can be a pleasure.

High School tips.

1. Theft.

Knives or other tools. Count before they leave.
TEll them you are counting at end of period.

Then start at 5 to and say 15 knives out.
Turn them in. !4 knives out. etc... One knife is missing,
we are not leaving till we find it. Get to work.
Look everywhere. Call security if this doesn't work.
Then everyone is held. Even if you don't get it back, they
are less likely to do the theft again knowing they will go
through this hassle.

2. You are excused by tables. Table one is not acceptable.
You get excused when it is.

3. The Easy A.

Want an A? Earn it. I know this can go on and on and drive
you crazy. Better yet for the whinners.
Say okay. Hand them a piece of paper on it and
write "Easy A"

Now does that make you feel better? You act childish,
I respond to your behavior like I do for my elementary kids.

Once in a great while, I just have HAD IT with them.
Thats when I hit them with the killer two words.


5. Clean up and the SPONGE!!!!!

If the tables are really bad, I have an extra clean up day.
It is a high school tradition, not to move in the face of a sponge.
We have all seen this. Why its not in the yearbook, I don't know.

Solution. I walk around the room before they come in and pour
water in the middle of the table, add cleanser to it sprinkled
all over. When they come in with the backpacks and their place
is uninhabitable, I toss sponges on tables and they clean so
they can work at all. It eliminates the nagging aspect.

And they wonder why high school teachers get cynical and sarcastic.

6. Graffiti and the male appendage

We just spent $1700 on new art books. One experienced teacher
used them for a lesson. They had penises all over them by the end of
the first lesson. She didn't realize it. I got the books next
and I make a big deal out of vandalism. I talked about how much
they cost and how we try to keep them free of marks. "So the
first thing you do is look in that book for graffiti." They did.
I had a pile of books on her desk within 10 minutes.

So she gave her kids the penis lecture.

I gave mine the same too. That is you tell them you have seen penises
before. You must say it outloud. They get as quiet as little mice.
You explain they don't draw that very well yet. Another reason they are NOT
to put them everywhere in the books. Also, girls do not need to do this.
ITS A BOY THING. So YOU have seen enough of them. You are older and you
know what they are supposed to look like, thank you. My friend added her
boys are all under 10. This is the level of behavior they are at. High
school students should be well past this.

These kids just die when you do this. The louder you speak on this the
quieter they get.

Good luck.

Pat Duncan
Madera CA