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Re: Thanks to all

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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 07:11:03 EST

Dear Friends-
I thought I'd wrote to tell you the latest news in the school vandalism last
Monday at our school. Before I do that, please indulge me in thanking you
from the bottom of my heart
for you r great support and optimism, I have a list of friends that I
believed I thanked personally and if I overlooker--my profound apology--but I
want to say thank you once again for being YOU.
Linda (lindacharlie) --you are my ROCK. Your words meant a lot to me this
past week. Your beautiful poem moved me--and the rest of our faculty--to
Christi--your generous gift is not necessary. You wonderful letter to me was
enough. I thank you for your beautiful words. Judy Nagel--your geneorsity is
SO appreciated by all at Cameron School. Thank you Gail (who volunteerd to
PAINT my chairs!!) YOU are a DREAM!! Mary Jane-You are a GEM and a dear
Sandra P. (I'm writing this on your listserve--I'm having trouble with
mine--would you kindly send this th the rest of listserve for me-if it's not
too much trouble? Thank you very much!!) Thank you for your support, Sandr!
Among other dear friends are: Joy (Erie Canal!), Ellyn, Wendy, Sandra H.,
Kprs, Robbpa@, Fennell, Rosa, O'Neil, Lili, Retta, Sue, Amanda, Heidi,
BaaRamU, San D,
Jeanne, Musseee, Gregu (sp?), Marilyn Paul, Marcia (my WIsc. friend), Marsha,
and Liz---ALL OF YOU expressed to me this week such loving words and I was
deeply moved. Thnak you, kind ones.
O.K. here's the latest. The seven "criminals" (ages 10-15) were arressted and
MIGHT be expelled. They are all Srpec. Ed. students, homeleess and/or druggie
moms, none have dads. So how does one punish a child who shows no remorse and
has no consciences. After all the rage I had, to tell you the truth, I really
feel sorry for these poor souls.

We resumed art classes. My beloved artroom is free from all of the gang
graffiti and profanities and other garbage. It took me 2 day to clean it.
I'm determined not to let them win--my stregth comes from a lot of what ALL OF
YOU said to me this week. I'll never forget your kindness and love. Never.
Thank you, dear friends.
Love, Bluestruth.