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Re: Re: Minnesota Art Info

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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:36:15 EST

Dear Reatha and all, Minnesota used to have a weekly minute requirement for
visual arts in elementary school, as in other subjects. Two years ago??? These
were abolished as Minnesota was now putting into place the graduation rule,
(standards that had to be met before a standard High School diploma was
given). Part of this is the Profile of learning where All students have
demonstrate used of the creative process in ONE art form. The student may
choose the art form. Assessment packages have been developed in 4 art forms
that are to be given in 3 of the 4 forms at grades 3, 5, and 8 so districts
and teachers can assess whether their students are on track to being able to
meet the Profile of Learning requirement. The assessment packages are pretty
demanding and I anticipate that any student without a good art education
background is not going to do well on them. It's yet to be seen what will
happen when administrators see how their students are doing. Two asides, Our
Esteemed Governor Elect, Jesse "the mind" Ventura apparently does not like the
Profile of Learning and would like to trash it before it is fully implemented.
Second, in the district where I teach, Minneapolis, since the minute
requirement in elementary education was abolished in visual art the district
has had a large net increase in elementary art specialists. I am not sure if
that is the case in the district where I live St. Paul. Since you are asking,
what are the state requirements in other states? How do they practically
filter down into children's educations? Gabrielle in Minnesota