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Re: Grading systems

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Sandra Hildreth (shildret)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:19:36 -0500

> > I too would like to hear from some of our college professors on this subject!! How can we use rubrics effectively on the elementary level????

I teach Art Methods - but I also am a high school art teacher of 28
years and 4 of those years I handled high school in the AM, then 500
elementary kids at 2 different schools in the afternoons. (I just didn't
want anyone to think I was passing on ivory tower advice based on
textbooks and not real experiences.) I didn't know about rubrics back
when I taught elem. art, but I would find myself making notes on who did
exceptional work and who really had difficulty, whether from weak skills
or poor behavior. Those were the kids who stood out. The rest, sorry to
group them like this, were average. I just didn't have time to give
everyone a grade based on thorough examination, especially when primary
classes often wanted to take their work with them. Now, because I do
actively use rubrics, I make this suggestion to my elementary student
teachers. Create a grade sheet template for each class - list of names
and 3-5 columns. For a specific project, list it at the top of the
sheet, then list 3-5 grading criteria. These could be specific to the
project (i.e. used the primary colors to mix the correct secondaries) or
more generic (used art materials properly, followed directions, effort,
creativity). As students work, carry around a clipboard and give plus,
check or minus marks. Or use it when work is on display. In any case,
all the students are on one sheet, and all the criteria. Again, the
exceptional and poor might be more notable; no grade means average.
Later, the plus, checks and minuses can be converted into a letter or
number grade. A circled grade could indicate poor behavior.

Sandra Hildreth
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