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Re: Our school was Trashed today!

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 20:54:04 -0600

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My thoughts are with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BluesTruth wrote:

> Hello, Friends-
> How was YOUR day today?! Was it as good as mine?! I walked into my school
> this morning, and what I saw would make anyone sick to their stomach. Let me
> see if I can explain what a school looks likes when it is vandalized: Books,
> paper, fire extinguishers (dust) everywhere, grafitti, broken glass in halls,
> etc. I walked into my room and I walked right out. I just couldn't face it.
> The vandals went into my desk, got out my PERMANENT markers, and processed to
> write Bi---(rhymes with witch) -and Wh----e (spelled "Hoe") all over my
> boards, art prints, tables, floors,and chairs. They stole paper, pushed over
> crafts items I had in boxes, broke my window, ruining student artwork that I
> had displayed. They went to the computer lab and urinated on the floor and
> wall and took the fire extinguisers and sprayed all the computers. They stole
> a couple of them too. You couldn't even walk in the computer room! The dust
> was unbelievably THICK . They went to the science room and (this is the worst
> part) KILLED the animals (fish, gerbils, frogs) !!!!!! They trashed
> classrooms by throwing bookcases over , throwing and tearing books, and
> more.... I think you get the picture.
> Yes, it was an inside job--students at our school that were mad at the
> principal for whatever the reason was. They are suspended (big deal), but my
> fear is they'll be back!!! Hope your day was better, folks!
> Bluestruth from Chicago, (the rough part of)
> I

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