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Our school was Trashed today!

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Mon, 14 Dec 1998 19:37:42 EST

Hello, Friends-
How was YOUR day today?! Was it as good as mine?! I walked into my school
this morning, and what I saw would make anyone sick to their stomach. Let me
see if I can explain what a school looks likes when it is vandalized: Books,
paper, fire extinguishers (dust) everywhere, grafitti, broken glass in halls,
etc. I walked into my room and I walked right out. I just couldn't face it.
The vandals went into my desk, got out my PERMANENT markers, and processed to
write Bi---(rhymes with witch) -and Wh----e (spelled "Hoe") all over my
boards, art prints, tables, floors,and chairs. They stole paper, pushed over
crafts items I had in boxes, broke my window, ruining student artwork that I
had displayed. They went to the computer lab and urinated on the floor and
wall and took the fire extinguisers and sprayed all the computers. They stole
a couple of them too. You couldn't even walk in the computer room! The dust
was unbelievably THICK . They went to the science room and (this is the worst
part) KILLED the animals (fish, gerbils, frogs) !!!!!! They trashed
classrooms by throwing bookcases over , throwing and tearing books, and
more.... I think you get the picture.
Yes, it was an inside job--students at our school that were mad at the
principal for whatever the reason was. They are suspended (big deal), but my
fear is they'll be back!!! Hope your day was better, folks!
Bluestruth from Chicago, (the rough part of)

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