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Re: Fw: Students' behaviors bother you?

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Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:36:40 EST

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1). What is the one student characteristic or behavior that is most likely to
irritate you or make you anxious?
2). Why does this behavior bother you?
3). How can you deal fairly with the student who exhibits behavior that is
bothersome to you?
1. a.Not stopping their art production when it's clean up time.
b.Not paying attention when I am teaching.
c.Subtle teasing opposite sex, which escalates, and then attempts to blame
other student.

2. a.Dissarray in room, it's time for me to leave, and I see there is 5 min of
clean up left to do. Then I'm late to next class.
b.Asking what are we supposed to do, causing disruption because I won't
give student a private lesson, blaming me because student doesn't
understand how to do it, and I WON'T help him.
c.Showing off to class by stating the particulars of what the other one
did to start it, pulling in classmates to plead their case, (it takes up my

3. a.I say this is a stick up, elbows on desk, hands up. To get you to stop
working, hold up your artwork, you have until the count of 5 to pass up your
work. I also give a certificate reward to the 1st table finished with clean
b.I say I am going to stop teaching and stand here and stare at you if I
see you not paying attention. When I do it, the kids will say to the offender,
close your desk and pay attention. The kids want me to go on.
c.I call them over out of ear range, say I don't want to hear about it,
you were teasing each other, write this Action Plan (what is the problem, what
caused it, what is YOUR plan to solve it). If you are honest, it ends here. If
you blame the other, it gets signed by parent and you redo it. I saw, you
don't have to tell me what the other one did. I already know.