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Re: Fw: Students' behaviors bother you?

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kprs (KPRS)
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 10:12:06 -0500

In our school the football coach works very closely with the staff. He runs an
academic study hall for them, and connects with each teacher on each of his
football players weekly. SOOO if one of his 'guys' EVER did what that kid did,
the coach would be the first one to know, AND would be the first one to be on his
case (plus the kid would be disciplined like any other non- football kid), and
his parents would be called in, and he would have to go to see the school
psychologist. Other teachers would be solicited to see if they experienced the
same situation, and the child study team would be made aware of his behavior. The
only "other shoe" to fall would be his father's. (not that I am advocating child
abuse here folks).

Now if a non-football kid did the same thing, every procedure would be the same
except for the additional 'football' connection. (except that the football coach
is our disciplinarian at school too).

Our school is small, only 686 students, but as a staff, no matter our
philosophical differences, we support each other, and don't tolerate any of this
from students. Granted we are in suburbia, but we do insist that we are in
control, and not the students.

San D

SBrad1 wrote:

> In a message dated 12/12/98 7:37:46 AM EST, Egartteach writes:
> << Gabrielle...Is your administration aware of the incident? That student
> should be serving more than a detention. >>
> There are aware. Very aware. The detention was immediate. Now I wait to see
> what happens when the "other" shoe falls. He's on scholarship for football.
> Gabrielle