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Re: Computers & Art (long impassioned response...)

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Lily Kerns (cwkerns)
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 05:19:32 -0600

Does anyone out there have any good resource information dealing with
computerized art and the art curriculum? My student teacher has been
to write a position paper debating whether computerized art is really
art....and if not, what is it?? Any help you can give to us would be

What a question! Of course it's art! Computers don't make art--people do.
A computer is a tool--but a tool that extends the artist's capablities in
ways that could not even be dreamed of a few years ago.

Why not ask is it art if it is done with pencil but not if in ink? Or with
oil, but not with acrylics? Only with colored clay and animal fat and on
the wall of a cave--but not on canvas? With fingers but not a brush? Or
vice versa....

Are we to say that because we no longer have to grind and prepare our own
pigments before selecting and mixing the colors we chose to use--that it is
not art? That because we set up the mathematics, experiment with long
decimals and color gradients and make thoughtful decisions about images that
speak to us, about positioning, cropping, color and composition--but let the
computer do the calculations that might take us several lifetimes to figure,
then a fractal image can not be art?

Or that because I design a back ground texture and then let the magic of
Fractal Painter apply it in varying opacity and colors (that I that I
determine) to areas that I select that it is less art than when I apply
paint thinly to let the canvas texture show through? I didn't design the

Excuse my soapbox, folks....but my stylus and Wacom have become an extension
of my mind and soul just as my brush and canvas were BC (before computers).

A pencil can be used to trace--but if that happens to be a creative stretch
for you, then you may have been involved with the artistic process. If
clip art is the best you are equipped to handle at the moment, who dare say
that it can't be used creatively. And that you can't learn from either
process. That's not to say that either of these uses the pencil or the
computer to its full artistic potential...

Just out of curiosity, what was the context of the question? I'd love to
see a report on the answers received.... and on how the individuals'
computer graphics literacy relates to their answers.

You are welcome to quote any of this if it is of any help.

Lily Kerns CWKerns
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