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Lesson Plans

Re: Grading Systems

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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:28:31 -0600

I teach Elementary Art like Linda, and agree that rubrics are great but
not feasible for the elementary level. I teach art on a cart, which is
hard enough without a room. You have to be really, really organized. I
have 7 classes a day with 40 minutes and an hour for lunch, where I
usually cut paper, wash out brushes, and get ready for the afternoon
classes. I do not have a plan time every day and when I do it is only
for about 30 minutes. My district seems to think elementary art teachers
are just like classroom teachers and don't give us much plan time or
even any time to get together with the other elementary art teachers to
coorelate our program.
Each class consists of around 30 or more children, and there is not
enough time to do a rubric for each child, I have tried. I am already
rushed with only 40 minutes for each class. I also get the "its ONLY
art... who cares" attitude, esp. from the 6th graders. I just DON"T
have enough time for preparation, teaching, let alone assessment. If a
child wants to know why he got a C, I take out my rubric and go over it
with them, but not for EACH child. NO TIME!!! I am always late any way
for the next class, as I get involved with a project and forget to watch
the clock.
I too would like to hear from some of our college professors on this
subject!! How can we use rubrics effectively on the elementary level????
How can I get my district to give me a plan period EVERY day, like the
High school and Junior high??? As an elementary art teacher, I seem like
the last one on the totem pole, and don't get enough TIME for
anything!!!! Back in the 70"s I only had 5 classes a day, plan period,
and one hour for lunch. My how things have changed!!!!!!!
Sandy Poos- Elem. Art- Cahokia, Ill.