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Re: Fw: Students' behaviors bother you?

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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:31:28 EST

In a message dated 12/10/98 8:55:58 AM EST, skc203 writes:

1). What is the one student characteristic or behavior that is most likely to
irritate you or make you anxious?

2). Why does this behavior bother you?

3). How can you deal fairly with the student who exhibits behavior that is
bothersome to you?

Once again, Thanks for your time!


Dear Kevin,
I saw your original post and past it up because I thought "there's not much I
can't handle" And decided to take the sideline approach and wait for "others"
to reply.
Well, I was taken back yesterday when I had to write up a student for "sexual
harassment" I'm still very bothered by this. A student tried to get past me
while I was bent over a table helping another student with her sculpture. It
was a tight squeeze and I wasn't really sure what was happening as my back was
to his front. Well, I thought he stayed there just a little to long and was
doing it for reaction from his class mates. I told him to return to his seat.
Then, while I was at the next table, He got out of his seat and did it again!
This time I had to stop myself from kneeing him in the groin. I kept him
after class and asked him to look me in the eye and explain to me why he felt
he had the right to do that. He said he was just kidding. I gave him that
the first time. ( fool me once) The second time was total disrespect and
pointed out that the event would be documented as I felt it happened. He had
the opportunity to review it sign it, have his mother sign it, and serve the
Since this just happen, The proverbial "stuff" hasn't hit the fan yet. I'm
sure to get a phone call on Monday.
Gabrielle Bradley