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Re: kiln help

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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 20:58:43 -0600

I have the same venting system as Mary Jane. She is right it is wonderful! But
boy did I have to fight for it. It eventually cost me $900 from my supply money
but it was worth it. I told the principal we couldn't do clay any more because of
the fumes. Ceramics are part of our curriculm so that caused him to think. But
also check out your state health standards or OSHA. When I mention that to
administrators they seem to listen.

Toulouse95 wrote:

> Todd,
> Wish I knew how you could get a new kiln. My system bought one because they
> were afraid of the fire hazards with the old one.
> Last year (after years of my griping), they finally vented my kiln with an
> Enviro-vent (sp?). It is WONDERFUL! They just attached it to the bottom of the
> kiln, drilled several small holes in the lid and bottom of the kiln, and ran a
> flexible metal tube to a hole they knocked in the exterior wall. It works
> really well. The fumes AND firing times are extremely reduced, the glazes turn
> out MUCH better, and the pieces cool off in record time. Maybe you could use
> the savings in electricity as a selling point?
> If you can't get a new kiln now, you could possibly get them to vent your old
> kiln. The ventilation system could be moved to a new kiln later.
> Get some parents to fuss about the health hazards. Administrators tend to take
> their complaints to heart more often than teachers'.
> Good luck! I spent 8 years hauling ceramic pieces across town to get fired. No
> fun!
> Mary Jane