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Re: So much to do in art class

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markpeterson (markpeterson)
Fri, 11 Dec 98 22:05:22 PST

I am a beginning teacher in a self-paced, high school, night school program
teaching 3-D, ceramics 1and 2, pottery1 and 2, and sculpture. All of your
suggestions are greatly appreciated. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of
program and does anyone know where I can find an example of a successful

> I do a point system : 10 points per project. 10&9 = A; 8 is a B; 7 is a C;
> 6 is a D. They lose points for behavior. I'm no whiz as I just got home at
> 8:00 pm from doing grading at school for the second night in a row to
> up for progress reports due tomorrow, but it does work. Each kid has a
> portfolio. This is a must as otherwise I'd have papers flying everywhere.
> The portfolios are kept in the classrooms that I go to until I need to
> grade them. When I have time in class, I call on the kids to come up and
> explain to me where their missing work is and to improve unfinished and
> poor work. This works great when I have the time in class. This month is
> confusing as kids are out in the halls decorating, making snowflakes, etc.
> but I do have 10 or so projects to grade for each child. Ideally, I should
> grade them immediately but I never get to this.
> I also have a computer with grade machine that is a godsend. I tried to do
> some grades in a grade book yesterday and I couldn't believe how slow,
> confused, awkward, and inaccurate my math was. This is where a computer is
> a must. Insist that your principal provides you with the tools you need if
> he expects so much from you as grades, etc. Classroom teachers do not have
> the numbers of students we do to grade. The music teacher just grades on
> behavior; the gym teacher doesn't grade so there we are in our own
> Happy trails. I really enjoy reading your messages. Keep em coming
> annc