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Re: So much to do in art class

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Thu, 10 Dec 1998 22:44:55 EST

I use the same grading system for each of my classes (language arts, social
studies and art) Kids are graded in four areas:

Obsiously, things are weighted differently for each class. In art,
assignments count for 40% and participation counts for 30%. Quizes and
homework (hardly ever given) count for 15% each. I have a small clipboard
with the class list for each class I teach on it (7 in all - middle school &
high school). There are four columns following the names (tardy, materials,
off task, behavior) I simply make notes in each column if neccesary and base
participation points on my notes. The kids can earn 10 points a day for being
on time, having their materials, doing the work and acting appropriately. If
they make other choices, then points are deducted. Takes about 60 seconds. I
use a computerized grade book and enter grades daily. Pretty simple.
Assignments are usually 50 points and I focus on the bojectives I want the
kids to learn and put to use. I don't attempt to grade the art - most of my
kids are not artistic. I simply want them to try the technique or the skill
to the best of their ability. If they really do a bang up job it's a 50.
Otherwise I move down the scale by 5 points. Hard to get less than 35 if you
try and get the objectives. I realize this isn't very scientific, but my
students are VERY beginning art students and my overall objective is to learn
something about art critism, history and production and ENJOY it in the

kim in oregon (who will send you my syllabus if you are interseted)