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Re: Blue sky and MBirds

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:24:20 -0500

Well, Ben, your eloquent grandson certainly has taught a few art
teachers something today. I learned the same thing from another "kid" on
Tuesday when I was reading to the Kdgs. after they finished glazing
their star shaped clay candleholders. In his book "Draw Me a Star" guess
what color Eric Carle's sky and clouds are?
1/1000 - Linda in Michigan

Ben Schasfoort wrote:
> Hi, 1000
> The discussion about blue ribbon sky, sun-in-the-corner, M-birds and other
> "bad" habits I have read with interest. I wondered what my grandson thought
> of it, since he makes the same and must therefore be an expert.
> He answered this:
> Hi, grandpa, glad you asked that. You know, what I draw is not art,
> although so many people say that I am a real artist when they see my
> drawings. My drawings are my visual language, just that. Would you expect
> me to talk like an adult? You wouldn't. You always knew what I meant with a
> blue ribbon and the sun in the corner, didn't you? Yes, no more than that
> there is a sky above and the sun is shining. Did you notice that I drew a
> sun half behind a cloud last time? Yes, that is what I noticed and what I
> would tell you.
> In the same drawing you have seen that bird with wings and eyes and claws.
> Yes, I told you a story about it in visual language. And now you bother
> about clouds of M birds in my last drawing. Aha, you recognized it were
> birds? So what is the problem? They were not important in that story
> (besides, I like the trick), ((more besides, I am a little lazy sometimes)).
> Grandpa, you may not expect that I talk or draw like the older ones in our
> school or like adults. If I need other words or sentences, I will use them.
> If I need other visual signs for my visual language, I will use them. You
> can try me, but not press me. I'll do it when I am convinced. If you ask me
> something what I cannot understand, I cannot anwer properly. The same thing
> is with visual language grandpa. But what do I complain, you never said you
> hated my drawings without the sky completely made blue. Love you, grandpa.
> Alexz