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Christmas tree monoprint

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Lorena Nalin (nalin)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 20:30:59 -0700

I thought someone might be interested in this Kindergarten project that I do
for Christmas since the topic of holiday projects was brought up earlier. I
said in another posting that I don't do holiday art, but I guess I lied
since I do this most every year.

This is a monoprint and is quite magical to kindergartners.

Students fold a sheet of white 9X12 paper in half (long sides together). I
use a triangle tracer (with a red line on the side to be placed on the fold
line) to get the placement and shape more accurate. Students trace the
angle and the bottom edges on one side of the paper only.

Then using green paint, I demonstrate how to paint in the triangle QUICKLY,
it does not need to be completely painted and white space inside the
triangle add to the tree effect. Then I fold the paper and rub over the
painted area to transfer the green paint to the other half of the paper.
This forms the tree. Students paint and fold/rub their trees.

Then I replace green paint with brown paint on a small plastic lid and
demonstrate how to make the tree trunk then fold/rub to transfer. I add a
small amount of red to the lid and we use cotton swabs and dot red ornaments
on half the tree and fold/rub to make ornaments over all the tree (this
always gets a oohh and aahh)

At the top, to make a star (at times they look more like angels) I add a
little yellow to the lid and we paint three short, yellow line at the top of
the tree. One verticle, one a 90 degree angle (L) to the first and the last
one along side the tree at an angle. When folded and rubbed this creates a
five point star (or angel).

For kinders that don't celebrate Christmas, they make a tree, with red birds
or something else and yellow stars or red and yellow flowers. It is a bit
tricky to think up some acdeptable substitutes, but we don't have much
problem with it this year.

I give these to the homeroom teacher and they do what they like by adding
some Christmas message or other writing and mount of a 12X18 red or green
construction paper.

In the past, I have been able to do these in one - 40 minutes class, but
this year is ....well let's just say my kinders are giving new meaning to
painting all together.

Hope you have a nice holiday season,
Lorena Nalin
Elem. art
Tucson, AZ

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From: Mrsbeeswax <Mrsbeeswax>
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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 6:17 AM
Subject: re: Snowflakes and Holiday gift ideas !!!! love this listserve !!:)

>Hi all , I am constantly amazed also at how in sync we all are. Just got
>from work yesterday exhausted and clicked you guys on and lo and behold
>I do snowfalkes each year, no mine are not six sided, but my milk carton
>and my cats drawn with "cookie heads, potatoe bodies and one potatoe, two
>potatoe , three potatoe four feet aren't scientifically accurate either"
but I
>can see the merit in tying in scientific fact whenever we are able.
>In this holiday season I always do "evergreen trees" collages out of
>triangular cut green construction paper and brown rectangles. Discussing
>they are called evergreen and how people wanted to bring a bit of nature
>indoors during the long winter. We also discuss the fact that this tree
>this way looks somewhat like the actual shape but really is a simplified
>symbol of the actual object in nature. I bring in a pine bough for them to
>pass around. I avoid holiday references but if the individual child chooses
>decorate it with colored light type shapes that is a choice that they have.
>to snowflakes... I have the students make very large flakes out of roll
>and we tape them all over the school walls !!!!! They love this and they
>building their cutting skills in the procces of learning about shapes and
>structure and design and symmetry.
>On to gift ideas or a take home project.... Tongue depressors (BIG
>Decorate each on one side only with marker in a different pattern, (a
>that must repeat) stripes, spots dots. We talk about craftsmenship and that
>rished job may be finished but it is not always finished to the best of
>ability. Glue these together in a frame 2 together vertically ll and two
>together horizontally = make up each side opf the 4 sided frame. When dry,
>small precut squares @4 1/4 by 4 1/4 have them trace with pencil the inside
>area of their frame so as to not make the picture too big. Then they do a
>portrait with pencil first then colored pencil to finish. Many families
>these displayed for many years in their homes. I do this with 1st and
>grades and I find that 4th and 5th grades want to make the frames as well
>many do at home and bring them in to show me. Please excuse any typos , I
>doing this before school and wanted to share with you all !! Happy creating
>!!! Christine :)

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