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Symmetry and Snowflakes

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Wed, 9 Dec 1998 21:02:52 EST

For the past few years, I have been teaching symmetry in various ways K-4.
I start with kindergarteners in the spring by making butterflies using the
letter "B"
First Grade-I do shape cut outs (like the evergreen trees mentioned earlier)
along with circle, triangle, starburst, arrow, star, stop sign and heart in
December. We make ornament-type things from those. Then I teach them to make
a boy and girl cut out. When we return in January, we do the 6 point
snowflakes you've all been talking about. By February, all they want to do is
make shape cut outs. It's hard for a few, but they catch on. I have dittos
with visuals they can take home to let them practice...and I send home paper
In second grade, we do symmetrical stained glass using black construction
paper (have kids make the rectangular type swiss cheese snowflake...fill in
the holes with different colored cellophane. They look terrific laminated.
I've even combined ten or twelve 8X10 sized ones to make church windows for a
Holiday Concert) By February, after we've tempera painted for a while, we
move into printmaking and do symmetrical faces (paint an eye on one side and
press together to make two identical eyes...Wow they love this!)
In third we begin portraits, talking about symmetry and the formula I'm sure
we've all taught (eyes in the middle of the oval, nose halfway between eyes
and chin, mouth halfway between nose and chin, etc...)
By fourth we are moving into full body portraits (I do the half a magazine
person draw the missing half), we also do chalk portraits from
digital photos after I have them trace over their photo on clear cellophane to
prove the face formula really works (use a sharpie)
The "Line of Symmetry" is a big math concept in New York on the tests. If
they don't get it by now...
Personally I think symmetry is pretty cool!
Hope this's cool to see how many of us are in synch!

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