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Re: paper marbling and paper clay

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Dennis Golombek (golombek)
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 19:17:37 -0500

Hi all and happy countdown to the holiday break!

My student teacher last year marbelized paper using tempera paints that were
mixed with a bit of Photoflo(darkroom buffs know it's a Kodak product). We
placed the tempera and Photoflo mixtures in old film cannisters and added a bit
of photoflo into some old aluminum roaster trays that are sold cheaply around
the holidays. Using a soft watercolor brush the students would barely touch the
water surface with the paint-loaded brush tips and using old combs, feathers
etc. they would carefully mix the colors on the water surface. We used 80#
white drawing papers as well as Xerox paper and laid them flat on the water. I
recall the Xerox paper curled a great deal when wet but we glued the marbelized
paper onto a 2ply mat board and created some simple books.

I remember this well because two 8th grade boys who were close friend began
slugging one another in order to do their paper first. It may have been an
adolescent ritual dance to influence the young female student teacher.

Good luck with the project!


gregjuli wrote:

> Hi Barbara,
> I just finished doing marbelizing with my 8th graders using liquid starch
> and watered down acrylic paints. I couple of gliches I figured by day 2
> were-
> I could water down the starch a bit . This made it easier to remove.
> I used about equal portions of water and paint ( at first I had the
> paint too
> watered down.)
> The students held the marbeled paper under water ( in a dish tub) by
> opposite corners and wiggled it back and forth till most of the starch
> was off.
> The only problem I still had on some of the papers was pooling of left over
> starch or water as they flat to dry. May be if I had a place to hang them
> it would of been better.
> Good luck -my students LOVED this project.
> MaryB
> Barbara Albert wrote:
> > I need some advice about paper marbling with younger children. I am
> > looking for a technique that involves no questionable chemicals, and I
> > would prefer a vegetarian ( No ox gall) approach. Any suggestions? I
> > would also like to experiment with paper clay additives. I've heard
> > that wet toilet paper is good to use, but I've never heard any advice on
> > what ammount. Any advice would be helpful.
> > oaketreee
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