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Subject: Re: The ideal multimedia lab

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tgibbons (tgibbons)
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 22:47:08 -0600

Recently I got involved in technology in a very big way by being asked to
write a TIF grant for my middle school campus. I was very excited
because it gave me a major opportunity to utilize computers to promote my
art program. We were successful, and ended up with $110,000 to fund a
new Mac multimedia lab. Although the lab is for the entire school, I
managed to get a new course in advanced art and computer graphics
implemented. I'm teaching two sections this year and we're in the lab
almost every day. We now have 29 computers there. We also have two black
and white laser printers, and are expecting a color laser printer any day
now. We have a scanner and two digital cameras on order as well. At the
moment, software is something we're working on acquiring. I've managed
to get 20 copies of Photoshop through a web auction, and we already have
Claris. We're supposed to get Microsoft Office with Powerpoint and an
HTML editor. All of our new computers are Mac G3's and run Virtual PC so
we're capable of using Windows 95 too. Since our district's elementary
and middle schools utilize Macs and our highschool uses IBM/Wintel
machines we run both platforms on the network with few problems. We are
still in the process of connecting all of our schools through a bond
issue though. In my art room I've just gotten a new G3 tower that's
hooked up to the network and a new wide carriage color inkjet printer. I
also have a 5300 PowerMac hooked to a phone line with a modem. I've had
it for several years now. That was actually how I first got my district
to notice my program. By writing a web site and integrating it into the
classroom, I talked the administration into getting me a phone line. One
thing has quickly led to another and through lots of hard work and luck
I've ended up with a pretty decent situation. Just a few years ago I was
very happy for any crumbs that were thrown my way.
So if your situation is like mine was... THERE IS HOPE! By the way I'm
currently looking for any school and art teacher that has access to V-Tel
(Video) technology so I can work up another special project. This one
has grant possibilities too! If anyone out there is interested please
e-mail me. Also, If anyone on the list uses CUSEEME, please drop me a
line too. I can't utilize the program on the network due to security
reasons, but I can use it over my modem. By the way, if you haven't
visited our web site before, here's the address:

Good luck with your technology endeavors... don't give up!
Terry G