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Re: The ideal multimedia lab

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Melissa Enderle (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 22:04:32 -0600

>What the opinions are out there on CD burners vs. ZIP or JAZZ drives?
>Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to purchase CD burners especially
>since you can put a lot more information on them over a ZIP? What are the
>advantages/disadvantages to CD burners over ZIPS?
Yes, there are disadvantages and advantages of each type of media.
I currently only have a zip drive, but I am thinking about purchasing a
CD burner - something that would enable me to back up more completely my
entire HD. It also works well for storing large graphic files, since only
a few larger graphic images may fit on a zip disk. If you compare 650 MB
to the Zip diskıs measly 94 or so usable MB, you can see the storage
difference. Zip disks can cost anywhere from $10-20, while a CDR disk can
cost as little as $1. It wonıt take long for the CD burner to make up for
the larger hardware cost. Everyone has a CDROM drive nowdays, but not all
are able to read a CDRW disk.
CD burners take a lot longer to burn on the files vs. transferring files
to a zip disk. The zip disk is much more intuitive and familiar to users
than copying onto a CD burner.
Zip disks can go bad more easily than CD disks.

I would consider exactly what you plan on putting onto the storage media.
If itıs things you need to be portable, but need to change or alter more
often, then zip disks are better. If your storage media will be used for
completed images or other things that donıt need altering, then CDıs
would be the way to go. Also consider the time factor, with zips being
faster to copy files.

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