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Re: pin hole cameras

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Numo Jaeger & Michael Miller (jaegmil)
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 19:12:52 +0000




<excerpt>Here is some information that I posted to another artsednet
member. Hope this helps some...


<excerpt>You might want to introduce photographers like Shahn, Lange or
Evans. These are folks you used photography for social criticism. Hine
was photographer who used photography to help push for the abolishment
of child labor. Ansel Adams, of course did beautiful landscape
photography....Muybridge might be a good photographer to share with your
students too...


To make pin hole cameras:


<bold>Materials you need:

</bold>Cylinder style Quaker Oatmeal box (or other cardboard like box)

Matt Black paint

Soda can or metal shim stock

Straight pin



serrated knife


</bold>1. Cut a 1 inch square hole in the side midway of a cardboard
Quaker oatmeal box.

2.Take the 1 1/2 inch square piece of shim stock or aluminum soda can
material and punch a straight pin hole into it.

3. Sand the shim stock pin hole so that there are no rough
edges.(otherwise you get a rough edge picture)

4. Paint the inside of the oatmeal box a flat black. Paint the lid

5. Tape the piece of metal shim stock to the oatmeal box.

6. Take a piece of 1 1/2 inch cardboard and tape on the top outside edge
of the oatmeal box so that it acts as a flap over the shim stock pin

7. Take single weight photo paper and insert into box inside a
photographer's black bag. It should stay there by itself since the Quaker
Oatmeal box it curved.

8. Take it outside an expose for 1 minute...depending on how bright a day
it is...cover up the hole after you expose the picture otherwise the
light keeps seeping in!

9. This produces a negative which you can then print as a positive on
another sheet of photo paper.


<excerpt><excerpt>Some of the images produced with the pin hole cameras
that my former students made were exceptional images. The detail and the
depth of field that a tiny aperature opening makes is amazing.

It's a great lesson in teaching elegance and simplicity. You CAN do
photography with out a 35mm camera and all those fancy lens.



Numo Jaeger

Studio One Art Center

Oakland CA 94609