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Re: value of kids' artwork.

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 23:48:36 -0500

I find the discussion about childrenīs art and selling rather strange. In
my school which is not just a childrenīs art school but has students at the
University level we are very careful when the issue of selling studentīs
work comes up. One should always realize that a part of that student work
is really the teacherīs. When done under the guidance of a teacher how much
is the studentīs and how much the teacherīs? There have been times our
students have sold works, but never our children. I just have really big
doubts that childrenīs artwork should be sold.
Best regards from the far north, Rosa

>does anyone know of a gallery or museum that contains children's art only,
>or mostly? i am speaking of a permanent setup that displays and/or sells
>kids art "seriously" like adults, professionally framed/matted, the whole
>nine yards. is there a place that sells/markets kids' art? i know about
>alexandra nechita, but i'm looking for a more group thing, although i would
>be interested in hearing about agents who represent kids, too.
>also, how do you feel about the statement that some of your students' art
>is as "good" as or better than adult art that is on the market? - with
>"good" beginning to be defined as pertaining to quality of expression,
>craftsmanship, wide audience appeal, accessible content/subject matter,
>attractiveness (use of el. & prin.)...
>if we agree with the above, how do we explain adult art masterpieces being
>displayed in archival materials watched over by security guards and sold
>for thousands of dollars while kids art masterpieces are lucky to make it
>home in one piece, to be stuck on the fridge?
>does anybody ever fall in love with a kids work and want to make
>reproductions of it to display at school or in their home? do you ask
>permission? keep the original? compensate the artist?
>just wondering...
>Wendy Sauls
>Art Teacher, Kanapaha Middle School, Gainesville, FL
>Doctoral Student, Art Education, Florida State University
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