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Re: Holiday gifts/ burlap weaving

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Sat, 5 Dec 1998 18:23:16 EST


With my 3rd graders I do a burlap weaving -- and it becomes a "decorative
I cut different colors of burlap into rectangles -- about 6 x 9 - it is not an
exact measurement. I have yarn and yarn needles. It takes at least two
periods to finish. First we make an envelope to keep the pieces in between
classes. We discuss warp & weft then they pick out their burlap. We fringe
it and trim it. Then every inch or so they pinch and pull out a weft string.
They choose different colors of yarn and then weave them in the spaces
created. We talk about pattern, so when they weave it might be "over two,
under three" ... or whatever they choose - It doesn't have to be "over one,
under one" ... those who finish that and want to can add zigzag lines in-
between the parallel weft lines they have already added. I cut strips of
corrugated cardboard -- about 1"x6" ... each child gets 2. When they are
finished weaving they put a line of white glue along each edge of the back
side, and then the cardboard strips on the top and bottom. A piece of yarn
can be threaded through the corrugation of the top for a "hanger"...... a
picture is worth a thousand words! Hope you can visualize this. The kids
love this. It is amazing how many kids don't know what burlap is. Most of my
kids are bilingual so I tend to scale projects down. 2nd graders who speak
the same language as you could probably do this. I think it is an excellent
exposure to the elements of weaving, and everyone is successful.
:) Laura Allan

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mselle writes:

<< Sorry this is last minute, but here goes...some of you already know I teach
k-2. I'm worried that their ceramic fish, etc., may not come out as good as
I hoped, and so I need a backup holiday gift idea for parents' gifts.
Nothing ceramic, too late for that. My classes are jumping beans, I think
not quite a few are Attention Deficit Disorder, etc., so any ideas must be
simple, not pattern stuff, hopefully not with paint, or printing. (except
if you have ideas with stamp pads and original type stamping medium).
Simple, elegant, not requiring materials other than standard artem
supplies and easy to wrap. Tall order. Thanks in advance.(I would really
prefer not to do holiday art, and stick to a fine arts curriculum, but as a
new teacher, I'm still getting my feet wet. maybe next year I will better
be able to concretely define and assert my curriculum.) Sincerely, Diane L.