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Fri, 4 Dec 1998 20:29:12 EST

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Subject: Re: Talking in class
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 19:05:33 EST
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Hi. I teach grades 1-5. I have found that allowing the kids to chat quietly
lends itself for a relaxing setting. I play quiet music in the background
(mostly piano music like Jim Brickman ) and tell the kids that we must be able
to hear the music so gauge the voice volume accordingly. There are activities
however where I insist that their be no talking so that there is total
concentration (drawing for instance). This year, at one of the schools that I
teach in, I was moved from my enclosed classroom to open space (it is an Open
Classroom School) Maintaining a quiet volume is especially important since
academics are being taught within earshot. I still use the music and allow
the quiet chat but have started using an idea from this list serve which has
taken away alot of the stress I was feeling about the situation. I post a
12x18 card with the letter A on it onto the chalkboard when I sense the volume
getting too loud. This usually is all the kids need-I don't even say
anything. I f it happens again, the next card (second warning) is posted.
This has a R on it. If it happens again and they get the T card, the
remainder of the class is Silent Art (no talking allowed) With 17 classes,
this has only occured twice this year. It has truly reduced the stress I was
feeling in this open space and puts the responsibility (and consequences) onto
the kids. Hope this helps you. Carol