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Lesson Plans

Re: DBAE response

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 00:28:29 -0500

Yeah, I've been busy- since i always jump in- well I'm not going to
reply to the direct survey out there but-

DBAE is good as a basis, however generally when I've taught it, you
45 min to an hour with a class of 20 once a month, in a school
without an art program. These kids hang on every word- listen
contentedly (K-8th) and beg for more. When they see you in the hall
way they cheer. when it's over they clap! You feel like you've just
stepped off stage at Lincoln Center.
Some drawbacks-People which are less flexible have a hard time
straying from the outline. i.e.- Rigidly sticking to scanning and
other forms of (talk)lesson(non production), and not being able to
assess and
adjust to fit different ages and classes. Some kids can sit and
listen others can't. I want to do production and I feel that giving
them the chance to see an artist and their work and discuss should
not take up half the time you have. Experiencing and experimenting
with the medium is the most important.( Process)
Drawback 2- I was a coordinator of DBAE in my school- so I trained
mom's to come in and do the lessons, which was nice but some were
rather boring and lectured( a lot of evaluating on volunteers) I
also did the demonstrations for them to see and went through each
sometimes I just ended up doing it all. It's a guide to use but you
must be able to evaluate how it works for you. I also had the
volunteers fill out production/ lesson sheets- it explained how the
lesson could be improved what worked what didn't- how the children
reacted and like the lesson.
Drawback 3- In a school which doesn't have an art program this is
the only one available. I sent out a survey to all my volunteers and
parents and teachers to tell what they liked disliked etc. that was
valuable- Teachers wanted an hour and a half and actually sat in the
classes to learn more. Parents wanted their kids to not just have
(Art Literacy)DBAE it was too structured and they wanted "real" art
I think a balance is good. There is no reason for it to be
formalized DBAE lesson plan on an artist a week. Once a month or
every other is good. I think basic groundwork with line, form
manipulation of material is good and should be strongly encouraged.
I am only speaking of experience of K-8th. I don't think it should
monopolize every art class. I also didn't have enough time and would
overlap some things. Sometimes showing work or doing scanning while
they are working in order to have more time on production.
RWilk85411 wrote:
> Thank you for pointing out the benefits of a DBAE approach. And thank you for
> pointing out that it doesn't have to be done any one specific way. DBAE is a
> concept for comprehensive instruction not a formula for writing lesson plans.
> Reatha

john barrick
Sandra Barrick