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Re: Drawing

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Litesal (Litesal)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 22:55:23 -0500

>Now if we can just get rid of the dark line around everything that they
>brought up from elementary. At least most of mine have had a struggle to
>that habit. Maybe that is not so common.

Dear Reatha (and anyone else who is interested),

We (or, at least, I) elementary art teachers don't "teach" our students to
draw dark lines around everything. It's something they just do, and we,
like you, try to break them of the habit. Left to their own devices,
students will go back to what they feel comfortable with, until you convince
them that another way that might be better. They need to be reminded
often. Please remember, we get our students once a week for 40 min., if
we're lucky. Unless the student practices (as the skilled students do)
outside of art class, it's hard to make a dent in those ingrained habits.

By the way, I used to teach high school. I chose to teach in elementary
because I, like you, was convinced that elementary art teachers were
teaching students bad art habits. I felt I could do a better job, and
prepare students to be better art students. I love teaching elementary, and
I feel I am making a difference. However, others do a great job, too, we
just have so little time with which to work. It's difficult to get the
transfer of knowledge (to middle and high school, and other areas of their
lives) we are seeking. Now my goal is to get as many students as possible
interested in all or any aspect of art, so that they will spend additional
time outside of class learning and practicing.

Sincerely, Leah