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Re: Jackson Pollock Ideas

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Tue, 01 Dec 1998 17:35:15 -0600

I have a Jackson Pollock lesson that I use with 7th graders. It takes
only 2 -45min. classes and they gain an understanding of the man and his
way of creating art. Most kids in this age group don't like his work
and think they could do with no problem.
But after the lesson , I usually hear when can we do it again!
The first day is the story. I use slides I've taken from the Venezia
book on Pollock. After they've heard about the artist they begin to
plan their own action painting. And that is where the understanding
begins- they have to PLAN it, not just throw paint around.
It is a cooperative project in which the kids work in groups of 4. They
choose an emotion to depict from my deck of cards with different
emotions on each. The cards are face down. If they don't like the
first one they get one more pick.
Anyhow in a nutshell -they decide what "tools" to use( they can use my
fun collection or bring from home), then what colors to paint with( one
color per person). Their marks from the tools and paint must reflect
the emotion.
Day two is painting day.
They are to bring smocks . Once everyone is organized the fun begins.
The whole painting time really only lasts about 5 min. with 4 people
painting at one time. I emphasize the importance of communication with
in the group.
After clean-up ( a very organized one) the critique begins. Each group
brings up their 3 foot by 4 foot picture to have the class guess what
emotion is depicted. The group also discusses why they chose certain
colors and tools. The project ends with the group using a rating scale
to grade themselves. The students seem to gain a greater appreciation
when they know about the artist and the go through the process. Like
the kids say-When can we do it again!
MaryB ( Dec. and 55 in Wis!)

Jim Robinson wrote:

> I just returned from the Museum of Modern Art and was very excited
> about the Pollock show. I was racking my brain trying to come up with
> ways for my high school students to gain an appreciation for his
> work. I know I will hear many comments like "anyone" can throw paint
> on a canvas. Well, has anyone had success in creating a studio lesson
> to further help high schools students gain appreciation for Pollock's
> work? I think that once they study his methodology they may better
> become aware of his techniques. Any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.KimBermudian Springs High SchoolYork Springs, PA