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Tue, 1 Dec 1998 17:28:06 EST

Wow, you have a big budget. I teach Photo I, II and a number of independent
studies, year book and newspaper. We are on a trimester system so I teach
about 6 sections a year (2/trimester) to about 100 students. Photography is
one of less expensive courses to operate. Print making, painting, pottery,
all cost a lot more for materials. Students buy their own film and paper and
provide their own cameras. We have 4 pentax k-1000's when are used as
"loaner when necessary.
I bulk load the film and sell at $1 per roll (24) and I bulk sell paper at $3
a combo pack for 5 8x10's and 12 5x7's (glossy or pearl RC multigrade) .
Chemicals are cheap. We use Sprint liquid and I estimate spend about $250
year for developers and fixers. (We skip stop bath and use a water rinse). I
only use toners for photo II and so it isn't a big ticket item. All in all
photography costs about $800 per year to operate. It's our largest elective
but doesn't nearly consume $$ like some of the other electives. Students
generally pay between 20-40 per trimester out of their own pockets. For
students in financial difficulty, we cover the costs.

More bang for the buck can be obtained by buying stuff in bulk from mailorder
houses like Freestyle or warehouse in Calif. Their prices can't be beat.
Generally less than 1/2 of the price of the local camera store. I can send
your their addresses if you don't already know them. Yes, it is a pain to
bulk load film, and count out sheets of photopaper from a large box, but the
savings are worth it.

Bill R.
Souhegan HS