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Re: DBAE Beliefs? Research Info Request

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freckles spots (freckles_spot)
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 05:57:20 PST

>1) Do you believe that the DBAE approach to art education is the best
>approach? Why?

Yes I do believe the DBAE approach is the best. With DBAE, the students
learn the history of art along with the actual production. Once they
have completed the production, they learn to discuss the art...pros and
>2) Have you received any DBAE training? Was your training during your
>pre-service, inservice, or masters program?

My training has been thru college courses at Michigan State University
and thru inservice programs in Orange County Public Schools of Florida.
>3) What Pro's or Con's do you see with a DBAE approach to art

Pros- Students learn to appreciate all art forms. Students learn to
discuss art. Do you know how many adults I walk through a museum that
can't tell me why they like a certain piece of art? When I ask them why
they like it (or don't like it) they say because it is pretty....or
ugly. When I ask them, what is pretty about it, they have a difficult
time telling me.

Cons- Some teachers feel it takes away from production time, but I don't
feel this way. I feel the entire process is important for a student to
understand art. You would not teach creative writing without first
teaching grammer and spelling or without reading other great works of
>4) How do your students respond to a DBAE approach? Are there
>components of DBAE that are more difficult for them to understand
>then others? Are there areas of DBAE that you enjoy teaching more
>then others?

At first, my students have a difficult time discussing the arts. I
start by teaching them terms to use when discussing art. Then when we
examine a print or sculpture, we discuss what they like and dislike
about the art. I try to make it comfortable for them to speak their
minds. We discuss that everyone has different taste...just look at our
clothes we choose to wear or the way we get our hair cut.

The production part is the easiest for me and I think the most fun for
the students. I also love the history part. I try to make it
interesting to the students by engaging them in the discussion and not
just standing in front of them lecturing.

Hope this helps
Judy in OK

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