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Creative thinking skills

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Lily/Clair Kerns (CWKerns)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 07:30:29 -0600

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Those long lists of goals and standards for every grade bother me. I'm not
so much disturbed by the idea or the contents, but by what many of them
DON'T include--creative thinking skills such as fluency, flexibility,
elaboration, etc.

An interesting creativity resource is Bob Erbele's SCAMPER (1977, DOK
Publishers). SCAMPER (a modification of work by Alex Osborne) is an acronym
for Erbele's list of creative thinking techniques.
S Substitute
C Combine
A Adapt
M Modify, minify, magnify
P Put to other uses
E Elaborate
R Reverse, rearrange

To start the new year on the Missouri Art Education Association's web page,
I'd like to include an expanded list (using the whole alphabet) of "ways to
change an idea". What words (verb forms, adverbs, plus helper words) would
you add to this list?

Don't be afraid to be creative in your suggestions--
For example: S--substitute, subtract, simplify, snag, sort, scan, scarify,
scramble, sew, smooth, sand, slide, slow, slip, smash, (add) sound,
serrate, segregate, separate, send, support, situate, slide, slim down,
(make) slippery, soap, (new) surface, surround, (let) sag, swing, squirt,
sharpen, swirl, swivel, squash, silver, .....

I'd also like to hear ideas on how to use such a list.

Your suggestions will be incorporated into an on-going list of creative idea
starters. Thank you.

Happy holidays.

Lily Kerns

Lily Kerns CWKerns
Art Teachers--

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