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Your future Income "Work From Home"

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Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:18:40 +0200 (IST)

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Dear Friend,

Good potential income opportunity!!!

How to become TRULY FREE !!!

If you are serious about your future and that of your loved ones,
please pay very close attention to this document and promise
yourself right now to read this at least three times until you
fully understand what this program is about.

Once you have gone through this document, please go around to
our web site and see the tons of extra information. Learn how
our business program will JumpStart you into unbelievable profits
right now, not 6 months down the line. This is simply the most
incredible opportunity ever. I am not only happy I can share
this with you but I am happy that you too got the chance to
review this information and get involved. Too many people will
never know and by the time we reach them it might be too late...

.... WE DID!

We succeeded in creating a lucrative and profitable enterprise.
We offer a distinctly private new information age approached by
doing business from home and taking full advantage of
technological innovation, utilizing the latest in computer
technology, teleconferencing and communication.

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<a href=""></a>


Make $50,000 a year income, 100% guaranteed, and you can make
even more. You never need to leave your home. You do business
from your telephone or fax. You can begin part time. You can
make more profit than 99% of all people in any business. Let
technology work for you, enhancing your ability to share our

You help people help themselves make money and profits.
Nothing could be more rewarding than being able to introduce
people to the ultimate dream and enabling them to buy homes,
cars, boats, have no debts and provide for their own retirement
rather than to rely on government handouts.


The turn key business program is sold retail via the media, web,
distribution contracts or advertising. There is no question
that this is a once in a lifetime income opportunity,
and make more profits than with almost anything else
in the world. Sending merely 500 cards or brochures from your
business and/or engaging in some co-op advertising with your
clients, you start building a base that can generate major


WE PLANNED IT THAT WAY! Our turn key business program was designed to
deliver results. It took us over 5 years to accumulate the
marketing data and strategies. It took a lifetime in
international experience to provide the incredible array of
materials and knowledge. Our sales program can build real
wealth faster than most other plans, strategies, systems or
multilevel percentage sales, stock market investments or
anything else!


Our turn key program plan is to teach as many people in the world
as possible and expose our incredible sales system to them. But we
also know how 92% of all people usually end up on the government dole,
be that welfare or social security or any other such program. Many
people work very hard. Few work smart.

Opportunity knocks and one of this magnitude will almost
certainly not come again. You owe it to yourself and your
family to thoroughly investigate the possibilities. It is time
to get some real enjoyment out of life.

" For all words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these:
I might have been " ! -John Whittier-

GETTING STARTED. Success is closer than you think!

The power pack program.

A step by step program with support from the publishing house

# From beginning to end, simplicity makes it hard for you to fail
# To begin with, a brochure with guidelines and suggestions to get
you started # Support systems; such as a 24 hours a day help as needed
along your progress

{and tons more from Allegro Global Marketing Inc. - Not listed in profile }

# Extensive support with company sponsored training calls
# Qualification made easy : sales quota only six sales
# Make money right from the first sale

Some answers to questions

The program is administered by Allegro global marketing Inc.


Plan A Price $99 For a basic turn key program.
include a long list of businesses and programs free
adverting long list to mention get more details at site

Plan B price $395 for a medium turn key program with more
functions, we do some of your advertising like, submit
your site to over 495 search engines, spreading 1000
banners of your site, to 50 major search engines, we
mirror your site with 20 pages and submit your site to
200 search engines, and more to mention, get more details

Plan C Price $1800 super power plan. Includes all above benefits
of plan A & B plus we mail out your site to a one million
targeted E-MaiLs, plus placing 2000 banners through major
search engines, we register all of your businesses to your
name, we rename the power pack program, you pick a name, and
we set it up for you, we submit your site mirrored, with a
100 pages to over 1200 search engines "mirrored means" your
same site, will be submit to search engines, a 100 times with
deferent names, but in fact, it is your same business site, in
order to get more hits to your site. We place classified ads,
and links of your business page, to over 12,000 site.

In another words, the plan "C" is a full turn key business setup.
We do the programing web designing advertising promoting includes,
a merchant account setup, to your name, so you can collect purchase
orders of your program, directly to you, soon as an order take place,
you'll be notified by an email in a matter of minutes, with the buyers
complete info, your part at plan "C" is doing nothing, but collecting
income, generated threw our advertising and promotional campaign.

Plan "C" is our super plan for individuals, who's looking to invest, a
reasonable amount of money, and get in return quite a decent amount of
income, to be truthful, don't expect to see income on your first month
or two, upon our advertising and promotional campaign, of your site, you'll
get result's on your third and fourth month, you will get sells even on
your first month, but not like, the third or fourth month, we guarantee, a
$100,000 a year income, But there some instructions at the program site, that
shooed participate in, and if you do so, you can a much higher levels of
income. Get more details at site

This is not an MLM program! We do not have residual income
payment percentages or structures. The company NEVER pays
clients. Profits are made direct by you.

The chairman asks the ultimate question..

Is there any business that you have ever seen that can put you
into a part time or full time enterprise that can make this
kind of profit? Is there any business that can give you the
substance, the education and the follow up with counsel to
insure your success? Is there any business that takes you by the
hand and enables you to become truly wealthy? Is there any MLM,
investment, stock or so-called business opportunity that can
make you a potential of $5000 a week? Many companies sells the
sizzle but not the steak. Usually because THERE IS NO STEAK!
Allegro Global Marketing Inc. Offers unequaled substance
and an accelerated income opportunity the likes of which have
yet to be matched. Working and thinking smart stays dividends.
We did our job and made it easy to duplicate. You cannot fail
unless you purposely try!


"Once I started I could not stop listening! I agree with every
word! Never seen or heard as concise an explanation. Thanks
for sharing the truth!" (KP)

"Many are likening you as Paul Revere riding through the night." (BH)

"You provided me with an expansion of consciousness." (PM)

"The power of your intellect and the intensity of your
dedication to the enterprise comes through!" (BS, MD, Princeton U.)

" The above excerpts are from original letters.
Hundreds more are available for viewing. "

The Series

Without a doubt the most powerful strategic financial program in
the world today with incomparable value and a system of purchasing
and selling that enables average people to command well above
average incomes.

The Company

Integrity, substance, knowledge and technology. An ever improving
product line that are unique the world over.

The People

Allegro global marketing we have nothing of greater
value than our people, our clients who become independent
business men and women. The demonstration of respect and dignity
for each participant is paramount and essential to the success
of our endeavor; providing educational opportunity, growth and

Go to <a href=""></a>

Thank you for taking time to read the letter, you did yourself a favor
on having a chance for a better life, better income and a better future.

This opportunity brought to you by, the winning team of Allegro Global
Marketing Inc. we expect to see you join our long list of happy members.

John Gross
Executive President
Allegro global marketing Inc.

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