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Anna L Velasco (alv)
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 12:53:59 -0700 (MST)

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How can we involve kids in the art of their community that has a tie to
the environment?
First of all I would investigate around town where I can find art related
to nature. Currently at the university there are many amazingly beautiful
artworks by Robert Wick. Some of his statues are about ten feet tall.
They are made of brass and have a nice patina coloration. There are
several places in his statues where bonsais and other plants thrive.
Usually his work represents people but they have an abstract look about
them. Children will find his work exciting.
Another thing that I may do is drive around town to see how the people in
their community beautify their home. Some houses are truly a work of art.
Children will then walk through their neighborhoods and appreciate the
bautiful tree that has been accented or the flowers surrounding a wishing
well. At another time they will have a lesson about the conservation of
water and learn to recognize the plants that are beautiful and that
need little watering to stay healthy. Here in Tucson the Botanical
Gardens have displays about plants and the conservation of water. The
Botanical Garden is a good resource that will teach the children that with
little water landscaping can still be aesthetically pleasing. Water is an
important issue in Tucson, Arizona.

What ecological issues are important in your community?
Bicycling is an important issue in our community. Many people in Tucson
train for the Tour de Tucson Bicycling Competition. It has become such an
issue that when new roads are built, accomodations for bike lanes are
made. A big problem is that many of our citizens do not appreciate
bicycling and are very rude and sometimes endanger bicyclists. Many times
bicyclists are to blame because they do not observe the rules of the road.
It is definitely an area of a large amount of interest and there is much
to be learned by everyone. The bottom line is that bicycling is good
because it does nothing to harm the environment, it is healthy for the
bicyclist, and it reduces the amount of traffic on the road.

Recycling is an important issue in our community and many companies have
adjusted their schedules to pick up recyclable material such as bottles,
cans corrugated card board. Although it is very difficult to take the
extra time to rinse out cans and have to trash bins instead of one, it is
of the utmost importance that we pay attention to our recycling habits.
Ultimately, it will help our community.
Smoking is a very important issue in our community because smoking
endangers the life of innocent bystanders and especially children. Many
restaurants have a section in their restaurants for smoking individuals
however, smoke is pervasive and people must seriously realize that a
section in the same room for smoking does not eliminate the hazard to

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